Musical King, Michael Jackson – A Tribute

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One of my earliest memories of music is listening to old Michael Jackson hits like Billie Jean, Bad and Beat It! These are classics even today. You simply cannot listen to any of Michael Jacksons’ tracks without tapping your feet (OK with the exception of Ben, or Heal The World or his other soft tunes).

While Michael Jackson had his own issues – who doesn’t? It is true that he was a musical genius! The man made some amazing music, even upto his final days.

He not only made awesome music, but he could also dance extremely well, sing amazingly and even choreograph his own dance sequences. There are not a lot of artists who can honestly say they do this today.

One of my favourite MJ songs is Dirty Diana, the song has that “concert” feel to it. Even when listening to it in your car or in your home, you feel like you are at a concert in Wembley arena when this tune comes on and it still sounds as awesome as when it was released back in 1987!

I even remember watching his movie, Moonwalker as a child, and I so badly wanted to meet him. That scene where he turns into a robot was just WOW back in the day. The Smooth Criminal song, still sends shivers down my spine. Smooth Criminal has to be one of my all time favourite songs of all time, that diagonal lean was just awesome! I remember attempting that as a child and falling flat on my face sooo many times.  I have even got the Moonwalk perfected now (but I have to be wearing socks and it has to be on a smooth floor – If I get enough requests, I may even put a video up to show off my skills!).

I love MJ, always will – he is the true King of music in my book! May God rest your soul MJ!


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