Multi-platform Game Site A Gamer’s Paradise for Slot Online

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A popular computer gaming site is making huge strides toward establishing itself firmly within the on-line gaming and ecommerce world.


Entitled DaGameBoyz; This visually appealing site contains enough games and game related information to make even the most ardent computer gamer sit up and take notice.

Targeted directly toward the exploding game market, the web site encourages visitors to browse through main sections or navigate specifically to their area of choice. Game platforms include: Windows, Mac, Nintendo, N64, Sega, PlayStation, GameBoy, Color GameBoy, Linux and of course the hottest new addition to the game world, Dreamcast.


Perhaps the most impressive section is the newly opened “Gamer’s Mall” a veritable on-line game superstore, offering secure transaction shopping while browsing through a staggering 8000 games and game related products.


An innovative searchable database allows visitors to search by

game title, category, platform, keyword or any combination thereof.

Main sections of the site offer access to an extensive array of game cheats, codes, hints, tips, walkthroughs, updates, upgrades, patches, free game demos, shareware, game reviews and sneak peeks at future releases.

A contest area is also included. A simple registration allows visitors the opportunity to win valuable prizes. Current prize?


A trip for two to Disneyland!


The “Press Release” section is constantly refreshed and contains

up-to-the-minute gaming news. The “Insiders Report” provides an interactive doorway to numerous scoops, stories and articles related to the gaming industry. Press releases are accepted from industry software and hardware developers, newswire services and reviewers. Game fans themselves are also encouraged to participate.


NEW! All Slots Made Easier book and 5 Casino Gambling Tips Booklets.


New Book Blasts Slots Myths and Offers judi slot  Strategies for Every Machine.


PHOENIX : Two on the aisle may be ideal for theater tickets, but it’s lousy strategy when you’re picking slot machines to feed your coins.


All Slots Made Easier, the newest gaming publication from Gayle Mitchell, offers scores of specific tips on how to get more enjoyment and more payback out of your next trip to the slots.


Ms. Mitchell is the nation’s leading female authority on gaming strategies. In addition to her newest book, she also is releasing a series of five pocket-size booklets containing 101 tips each on casino gaming in general, slots, video poker, and getting comps (complimentaries) from casinos. Roulette systems/European game tips booklet complete this new product line.


All Slots Made Easier examines virtually every machine in use today, including the one-line traditionals, banks of linked-together progressive jackpot machines, and the latest in video game-themed bonus slots such as Piggy Bankin’, Monopoly, Reel ‘Em In and Elvis.


These bonus slots offer second-chance winning opportunities amidst a sensory overload of 25 or more symbols on the screen in front of you and as many as nine paylines. Crowds of fascinated casino players are gathering around to hear and watch this latest gaming trend in action. Gayle’s educational book follows with capsule rules for Piggy Bankin’ and 42 other bonus slots presented for the novice, intermediate and aggressive slots players.


Ms. Mitchell provides details on how the payoffs and jackpots can vary among seemingly very similar slots, and tells you how to pick the version that gives you your best shot at profit. She tells you when to play two-coin maximum machines and when to play three-coin.

Location, location, location are the three most important factors in selecting real estate and that includes the particular square yard on which your slot machine stands. All Slots Made Easier tells you whether you’re better off playing a machine near the entrance to the casino theater or deep inside the casino away from distractions.


As to the two machines on the aisle, one may be ‘loose’ to attract attention and generate excitement with frequent payoffs if the aisle is a main walkway, but the one next to it likely will be ‘tight’ to compensate. Moral: don’t play side-by-side machines simultaneously.


Ms. Mitchell’s new booklets can be carried inconspicuously for occasional reference even during gaming sessions. 101 Casino Gambling Tips covers the best/worst casino games and top casinos worldwide. 101 Comps Tips explains how to play the comps game for profit. The book and booklets follow Ms. Mitchell’s recent More Casino Gambling Made Easier : More Winning Strategies, Casino Selections, & Intelligent Gambling, and its predecessor, Casino Gambling Made Easier : How a Rank Amateur Casino Gambling can Learn to Win Using Intelligent Gambling. Video Poker Made Easier was rated #1 by


In addition to her books, Mitchell has written numerous gambling articles for newspapers, magazines and the internet, and is a contributing editor for ten publications.

She has talked gambling on more than 600 television and radio stations.

Gayle resides as the slots expert at – visit this new site after 10/1.

All Slots Made Easier lists for $9.95 including shipping.


To order direct from publisher, phone 1-888-208-7117 toll-free 24 hours a day and have your credit card ready. Or, send a check or money order to Casino Players Workshop & Seminars, 4001 E. Bell Road #114-270, Phoenix, AZ 85032.

The booklets are available for $5 each, or all five for $17.95 shipping prepaid.


Check out Ms. Mitchell’s other books and materials on the internet at ###





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