King Neptune’s Togel Celebrates Flag Day with Charity Challenge

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KAHNAWAKE, Canada — King Neptune’s Casino recently celebrated the 225th anniversary of the American flag by donating a percentage of its proceeds to one of America’s newest patriotic endeavors – a September 11th relief fund.

The Casino wanted to commemorate Flag Day, which was celebrated on June 14, by helping those Americans who were affected by last year’s attacks.

“Flag Day celebrates the ultimate expression of freedom, the American flag,” said King Neptune’s spokesperson Scott Gaines. “It’s the perfect holiday to show our support for the values that America was founded upon.”

To raise the money, the Casino held a two-day “Flag Day Charity Challenge” during which $5 of every $100 purchase was donated to one of the September 11th funds. King Neptune’s management was very pleased by the results.

“Over the past year, we have been constantly amazed by people’s capacity to give during a time of need,” Gaines said. “The response of our players – both American and non-American – is just another example of the generosity of strangers.”

The casino hopes to make the Charity Challenge a regular event. “We’d like to not only repeat this promotion, but also expand the idea and find other charitable causes to support,” Gaines said. “There’s no limit to what we – and our players – can do for others.”

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