InterCasino Jackpot Breaks Judi Online Through $250k

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InterCasino’s Rags-to-Riches jackpot is tipping the scales at a whopping $250,000, making it the Internet’s largest-ever progressive jackpot.

So far, no one has hit the giant online progressive jackpot, which has broken the world record for the largest progressive jackpot ever offered online. But as the prize money grows, more and more people are trying their luck and spinning the grand prizes counter around faster than Michael Schumacher’s odometer.

“When the prize get this big players log in from all over the world, and you know that just by the sheer popularity of the game that someone is going to win very soon,” said Ryan Hartley, pitboss at InterCasino.

InterCasino is a veteran at dishing out giant jackpots. InterCasino was one of the first licensees to adopt Cryptologic’s multi-casino progressive jackpot software, which has already paid out millions of dollars to players around the globe.

Just last month, long-time InterCasino player “Moosed” won one of the Internet’s largest jackpots when his lucky hand produced $176,000. Moosed found his fortune playing progressive Caribbean Poker just before his Saturday morning breakfast.

Getting a hand or two in before starting his day, Moosed couldn’t believe his luck when his Royal Flush’s progressive meter stopped on $176,688.00 Moosed was still shocked when InterCasino manager Ryan Hartley rang two hours later, but he was thrilled to accept Ryan’s personal congratulations along with his winning check.

All of Intercasino’s progressive jackpot games can be monitored at the JackpotMania web site, which is the real-time control center for InterCasino’s progressive games.

iGamblers Win Adventure Tour

People really do win at online casinos — and not just cash. Kevin and Eric, two online players at Kiwi Casino, recently won a one-week adventure travel package to Queenstown, New Zealand. The prize package consisted of air, hotel, and an adventure tour that included bungy jumping and jet boating.

When Kiwi Casino manager Paul Russell interviewed the Judi Online winners, Kevin confessed that at first he didn’t believe he’d won anything. Eric added, “I couldn’t believe it. It just didn’t sound real.

“I was sure there were going to be some strings attached … but there weren’t. I didn’t actually believe I was going until I got on the flight leaving L.A.”

But as reality sank in, Kevin and Eric became excited about visiting a new country. And they didn’t just admire the scenery; Kevin and Eric also checked out the land casinos. Eric managed to win NZ$600 by the end of the trip, but he also had a bit of bad luck at roulette.

Eric decided to imitate a Japanese tourist next to him at the roulette table, and covered all the numbers – but he accidentally missed the 13. Kevin gleefully recalled that after the dealer called “No more bets,” Eric realized his mistake and shouted in dismay “Thirteen’s not covered!!!”

And guess where the ball landed about 10 seconds later? That’s right, number 13. Says Kevin, “The look on Eric’s face was absolutely priceless!”

New Zealand made such an impression on the players that they’re already planning to return for a longer holiday with their families, in spite of the loss at the roulette table. “It’s amazing!” enthused Eric. “It’s so beautiful here! There’s been something new to do every day. I’ve already talked to my family about possibly coming back for Christmas so we could enjoy the nice summer weather at a beach resort!”




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