Going Organic and Natural – Everyday Cleaning and Beauty Tips!

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Have you been sneezing a lot lately? How about itchy eyes, nagging cough, or an unexplained skin rash? It might be that you have allergies and don’t even know it. Or, it might be the irritants that are found in products in your house that are used daily.


Sure, you could take an antihistamine, but that is just adding more unnecessary ‘junk’ to your body. Don’t get me wrong, if the reaction is severe, or is persistent, then by all means, take one. However, there is a more natural way to fight this nuisance.

I am going to share some great ideas on what you can do to turn everyday products, such as cleaners and skin care, into non-irritating products. Well, not turn them into, but using something new…or, borrowed from your pantry instead.

Baking Soda

Baking soda, when mixed with a little water, can replace the cleansing scrubs you will find in the store. When it forms a paste, it can help remove stains from counters and sinks such as rust buildup.

It can also be used to absorb odor by sprinkling on the carpet and rugs before you vacuum. Try adding a little dry cinnamon to it for a scent, or grated and dried lemon rind. Lemon happens to be my favorite because it doesn’t take much and leaves a very fresh scent. To learn more about your interest on “best injectables for face“, check here

Lemon Juice

A way to combat hard water marks is to use lemon juice. The acidity it provides also is good for getting rid of nasty soap residue on shower walls and doors. And, again…has a great and refreshing scent to leave behind.

Try adding a little to olive oil, which can be used as furniture polish when placed in a misting bottle. Citrus oils can be used in place of olive oil, if you don’t like the smell. They are just not as easy to find in the home.

A little lemon juice is also good on the face for brightening your skin tone and can tighten pores.


Avocado can be used as a moisturizer for both hair and skin. They are loaded with fat and moisture that will impart shine to hair, and great moisture for dry and rough skin.

If smearing it all over your hair does not sound appealing, then at least try some of the great hypoallergenic hair products available on the market. But, I would at least try it on the skin to see the benefits it can bring to you, more than just a good guacamole.

White Vinegar

One of the most versatile products in your pantry is perhaps white vinegar. Mixed with water in equal parts, it can be used for many cleaning tasks. Using a spray bottle, use it to clean the following:

Faucets and showerheads

Glass stovetops and microwaves

Toilet bowls and sinks

Countertops and floors

Windows and mirrors

It can also be used in the wash as a fabric softener in the rinse cycle when you are laundering. Or, a deodorizer when lightly misted on items. Since there is no coloration, you don’t have to worry about staining. I’m not a fan of vinegar used solely as a deodorizer, because I enjoy a lighter citrus scent. However, it works in a pinch.


If you are experiencing some breakouts, as in blemishes, dab a little honey on it to dry them up. Simply let the honey dry, then wash off with water.


AKA sodium borate, borax is a great alternative for laundry detergent, because it is a mineral compound, rather than loaded with harsh chemicals.

It can also be used to clean multiple surfaces when mixed with white vinegar or water. It’s even safe enough to use on painted surfaces, without damage.


Typically we think of this as an agent for thickening our gravies. But, when mixed with water or white vinegar, it can also be used as a cleaning agent or furniture polish.

Some women have even used it in place of their compressed powders when setting their cosmetics and to keep the unwanted shine at bay. Although, I would make sure you apply it very lightly, until you know the amount that will work best for you.

Club Soda

Who knew that club soda was good for more than to simply create a tasty beverage? It’s also great for removing stains on fabric. Soak the stain in club soda by either pouring a little on, or dabbing it on with a cloth of cotton ball. After you let it sit for a while, launder as normal.

You can also use club soda to clean glass, windows, or mirrors.


In place of traditional scouring agents purchased at the store, try using a salt paste made of just salt and water. It can be helpful in removing rust buildup, as well as soap scum. For tougher buildup, add a little lime juice to the salt. Anyone else suddenly craving a margarita?

A salt paste can also be used on the skin as an exfoliator to remove dry and rough skin.

In Closing

I have just shared some ideas how you can use items you can probably find right in your pantry, to avoid a chemical infusion in your home and body when cleaning and taking care of your skin. It not only will help protect you and your family from unhealthy air, but can also save you money. And, as an added bonus, you are helping to protect the environment for your future generations.




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