Craps – It’s Types, Variations and Winning Tips of Online Casino

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The craps table is always a very popular place in a casino and in online too. You can win small or big fortunes in the crap. But the problem lies somewhere else which is that the house never loses a game, it always wins. The house generally wins the last moment because of all odds edges to house are there on all the bets.  Crap is more about fun rather than winning the game every time. You can have variety in the crap games and people love all kind of crap. Mostly the different style of bet which is placed and the different way for the pay outs are used in different types of craps. Come bets are very famous between the crap player and it’s that kind of bet which is known to each and every crap player.






Reading is the best habit to start preparing before the game. It will give you enough knowledge to take the right decision at the table. Practicing on the computer is also a good option to prepare you. Though all these can only help you a little bit and that’s all. All the real feeling and energy you can get only in the game table. But more you know is better for you. Before starting the game you must know the basic betting categories like, pass or come or field or place and proposition.



Management of money:



Bankroll need to be set before you come to the table for the game and ensure that you leave only when it’s gone. Starting with slow and small bets are good because it carries least of the risk. Managing money is not only about your loss limit but also setting the winning money properly. A good betting strategy is always consistent and should be remain the same till the end of the game. A new game could be started with new game planning but in every bet you must not change the strategies as that will increase the chance of frequent losing. Do not get panicked or too excited that can affect your judgement in betting. If you got too carried away with results (win or lose) and then start increasing the betting that could be harmful for you.






Be sure that you have all the information in your mind before you go to the table. The most basic bet is pass bet and it also has the smallest house advantage around 1.4%. You can use a he chart that could you help to get a proper combination at the casinos.



Dice control:



Dice control either has a theoretic way or a superstitious way of driven method. The theory says that tossing the dice if you are able to reduce the variability by throwing  it in a particular way the dice can give you the exact same number every time. To accomplish this mission you need have lots of practice and must use the same grip and position when you pick up the dice also try to give them a same throwing motion when you are releasing the dice on the table.



Decorum and behaviour:



New Online Casino players need to learn the basics decorum at the table before start playing. Excessive questions are not at all helpful and it could interrupt the process of flow in the game. First time you don’t need to be a master in the entire specialized lingo though you should know the basics of betting and how to throw the dice. It is best for the new player to get blended with the older player. Don’t give attention to others bet, just concentrate on own bet and game.




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